Posted by: Jen | 16 October 2009

Several reasons why our apartment is haunted and the ghost has followed me out

  1. I woke up early this morning and went to the bathroom, where I found about a million ants covering the door frame of the bathroom. They were not really coming from anywhere. They were just…there. Swarming. There were some flies, too. Neither coming nor going. And only on the door frame, where there is (obviously) nothing to be eaten. Out of nowhere.
  2. Adam poured his coffee into a  mug and it shattered by itself all over the counter.
  3. The fridge was open, and a container of koshary that was pretty far in on the shelf shot out onto the floor by itself.
  4. I was walking to the CSA and I saw a dog get hit and killed by a car, right in front of me. RIGHT in front of me. I tried to get a vet in time but it was too late.

I’m watching my back today…


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