Posted by: Jen | 8 September 2009


There’s another (third) Barnard woman in Cairo!  Adam met her today–can’t wait to meet her myself.  She’s Jewish, too, so we’ll be synagogue buddies for Yom Kippur (strength in numbers, haha).

Speaking of Jewish holidays, Adam and I are off to Israel a week from tomorrow on the local bus to Taba, crossing over the border into Eilat on foot.  We’ll spend Rosh Hashana with his family, and hopefully see mine for a while as well.  Looking forward to replenishing our stock of fresh zatar from the market in Jerusalem… 🙂

AND Ally and Nicole are coming to visit in a matter of weeks!  We may even take them to Israel while they’re here.  It’ll be a tad crowded in our apartment anyway, as Adam and I are subletting to an Italian Ph.D. student for six weeks beginning on the 21st (more exciting news about which I almost forgot).

Whew, so much going on!  I’m off to work on the (never-ending) Center for Archaeology Web site.  Should be done soon, at which time I’ll share.


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