Posted by: Jen | 23 August 2009

Auf Deutsch!

Adam and I just signed up for our German class at AUC.  Woop!  Classes are so cheap here that I’m tempted to sign up for more, but I know I shouldn’t given all of the other things I have to do (like blog?).

We need Internet.

Also, despite the fact that ex-pats are not at all in the majority here, one still needs to produce a passport for practically everything.  I have to get used to carrying it around, which I hate doing because I always feel like I’m going to drop it by accident.

Blah, it’s 93 degrees here right now.  So hot, ahh!  We’ve been spending lots of time inside during the day, painting (we have oils and watercolors) and watching BBC World News.  Except when you watch this much BBC, you start hearing the same stories over and over again.  Free satellite is nice, but we need The History Channel or something!  We have lots of Arrested Development and Blue Planet to get through, however.

Oh P.S., we have a bit of an ant problem in our kitchen.  I thought I had smoked them out with Raid last night, but this morning they were enjoying some of our instant coffee.  They have returned… this means war.




  1. Ants are full of protein, no worries! Get some nutella!

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