Posted by: Jen | 21 August 2009

MasseH il Kheer!

They’re playing copious amounts of Celine Dion songs in Pottery Cafe downtown.  They always put the tv in here on silent, even though Arabic music is way better than this!


Hello, and welcome to our blog.  We had planned to update sooner (and more often since I arrived on Sunday), but they still haven’t wired our apartment with DSL.  (This is Egypt–who wants to start placing bets on when it will actually happen?)  For now, expect that posts will be few and far between (sad face).  Perhaps we’ll write at home and then walk by here with our laptops in order to update…

So in brief, we’ve done a lot of apartment prep.  We bought a hookah, we moved the beds–uh, let me tell you that story in the next paragraph–and we bought lots of awesome (Halal, and therefore practically Kosher!) food.  We’re also into making giant bottles of iced coffee, since it’s hot as Hades over here.  We’ve been into eggs and veggies for breakfast, restaurant food for lunch, and sandwiches from the dude on our corner for dinner.  Also consuming quite a bit of Cadbury chocolate, and craving the surprisingly on-point pizza from Maison Thomas on Zamalek.  They make one with fresh tomatoes and goat cheese that is just out of this world.  Yet every time I look for it I can’t find goat cheese myself…

The bed-moving story.

We lift the mattress off of one of the twin beds in our room.  Then we encounter a dust ruffle.  Fine.  Upon removing said dust ruffle, we discover a body-shaped, body-sized mass in a black plastic bag under the bed frame.  I proceed to freak out and leave the room, ready to figure out how to call the police in Egypt (I’ve never had to do it, and let’s hope I never will).  Anyway, Adam slowly slid the bag off and found that it was a CARPET.  A carpet!  First of all, why wasn’t it out and being used?  Secondly, why would anyone store it in a way that makes it look like Adam’s been sleeping on top of a dead body for two weeks?  Exactly.

Ah, it’s dinner time.  I think we’ll cook something.  Until next time (which I hope will be very soon), folks!  Thanks for reading.  More ridiculousness to come, I promise.  After all, this is Misr!



  1. Hi Jen and Adam!

    I love your blog! A freakin’ carpet? C’mon. What did you end up doing with it? Is it nice? Post a pic of the would be corpse!

    You have to take me to that pizza place for tomato and goat cheese pizza – I loooove that combo.

    Don’t forget the t-shirt design – I figure I have to send it to Paola by November or so.

    Big hugs – stay safe – be careful what you eat!

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